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Hello everyone ! :)
Today, I will start a hiatus, and I'm going back to my home Monday, so untill I come back, I offer you those scans. Those scans come from a french magazine called
"My Rock", and he did that little photoshoot for that french magazine ONLY. The particularity of these pictures is that they really lack of photoshop, so you can either like it or dislike it for that reason. An interview was included in the magazine, and he talk about his role as a leader in YFC, or about Show Your Heart. He also talk about how Yoshiki is a lion, and about a funny thing that have happened in the backstage of the S.K.I.N. concert. A translation will come as soon as I can of course, so until then, enjoy those pictures ! ^_^
The quality of the paper isn't that great, but I've tried to give the best result as possible while I've scanned it. I hope you will enjoy them. And if you live in France, don't hesitate to go and buy it ! <3

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