November 11th, 2011

YFC ~Europe~ #4

[DVDrip] GACKT - Zan in London (I LOVE YOU ALL) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Well, here's an update with a real HQ video, because this one is a DVDrip. But not the whole DVD, only a small portion, so you want to buy it for more of it ! =P This video was extracted by myself from the I LOVE YOU ALL Documentary DVD, from the YFC in Europe, in 2010. Each places where he was performing a live have ONE live inserted in the DVD. For London, it's ZAN & EVER. If you want to buy the whole DVD, it's over
there, or you can simply check your local store (like Fnac if you have one) and buy the european version, it's all up to you ! :)
The video quality is the EXACT same as the original DVD. In order to give you the best experience as possible, I've ripped the file from the DVD itself, so I hope you will enjoy it ! ^_^
Mediafire link (Thanks to kazu_hisoka) : [DVDrip] GACKT - Zan in London (I LOVE YOU ALL).vob (163 Mb)

[PV] GACKT - Graffiti ~HQ~ (Full version)

Hello everyone ! :)
As I've expected, the PV of the song Graffiti would have been released online while I was sleeping, and it was indeed the case ! xD But Now, for those who can't download at Jpopsuki (thanks again Steely ! ^_^), I'm uploading the full PV in HQ for everyone, in order to see more people who can enjoy it in that quality. This PV was shooted by night, and a crappy quality gives crappier results than any other videos, that's why it deserve a good HQ. I hope you will love that PV, and according to the thumb, YES, he's riding a horse, so check it out by yourself ! ^_~

The PV from Jpopsuki is not the big 479 Mbs because it would be hard for low connections to download it, and because between this one and the one here, there's not that much differences, that's the reason ! :)
Mediafire link : [PV] GACKT - Graffiti ~HQ~.mp4 (162 Mb)