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Hi girlz ! ^_^ (and guys ! lol)
Toda have appeared in my F-list and also elsewhere a kinda surprising video. This video, posted by the official Avex Youtube account is the preview of the upcoming PV for the song called Graffiti, not written by GACKT, and used as the opening of the anime. The video itself will not be linked this time but directly put here, so you can see yourself what I'm talking about ! ^_^

So, what I'm thinking of this ?
It's a really genius idea. To say more, that side of him, about him being irresistible and awesome was already known from him, but with this, it's even more obvious ! Add in the background a music who invite you to dance, you have a really great promotional video !
Of course, not everyone might like that fact he's just walking in the street like that, and even if it's only a preview for now, we can assume it will be almost that kind of things all over that PV. But we can't blame him for not making something ORIGINAL, really different that he's used to do, right ? This clip isn't meant to be serious anyway, it's like the character he's playing on stage during YFC concert, of the badass guy after all, it's a role, and not a serious one ! ^^

The way it's filmed is even more original, because everyone can do it. In the way that the song is not that original, the PV will be the exact OPPOSITE, it creates a good contrast between the music and the video, who make you enjoy both (or help you to enjoy both ! ^^) !

Even if I can't pre-order the single, I will look forward to see the full version of that PV, to see how funny that promotional video will be !
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