October 28th, 2011

GG Monthly 35

[News] GACKT Amazon.jp new cover for the [Grafitti] single in ultra HQ ! (2011.10.28)

Hello everyone here ! :)
Today, a few of my friends posted
a link of a new updated "cover" for the upcoming single called "Graffiti". It's not the ACTUAL cover for it (or it's weird ... ^^') because there's no inscriptions on it, no name, nothing. But it's a nice new picture of our dear GACKT, and that's the point of this entry ! ^_^
By clicking on the picture, you have an enlarged version of the picture, but when you zoom on it, you can't right click on it and save it. I've made a little work on it and managed to grab the original HQ picture available on Amazon, and it's for you all, I hope you will enjoy it ! :)

Two versions are available. One is the MQ version and the second one is the original HQ version, with some cropped borders. Choose the one you want ! ^^ *BOTH ! xD*

Full version is available here, thanks to tihojenebo ! ^_^