October 12th, 2011


GACKT collaboration with KFC restaurants ? = WRONG, and here's why ! ^_^

Hello everyone ! :) (damn, centering the text doesn't work .... <.<)
Here's 3 things I've noticed on that picture who seems to have leaked where GACKT is supposed to have a collaboration with KFC restaurants. With those 3 points, you should normally think that it's indeed a fanmade picture. We can maybe assume that he can release weird stuff like condoms, but this picture is clearly fake, here's why. The picture under the one of KFC is from GACKT official website ! ;)
If you don't agree with some points, well, it's okay, it's my own interpretation of something, feel free to believe or not what's written below ! ^_^

(Click to see a bigger picture)

1) You can clearly see that the logo of GACKT is not the same. Check GACKT.com, and you will see that it's not an exceptionnal mistake, his logo is THE SAME on every single new stuff he's producing. This advert aren't supposed to be a new thing ? Plus, the black on the letters of the upper picture is clearly due to a bad photo manipulation.

2) Why I've the feeling that this "Limited Special Menu" isn't written with a professional font ? I mean, it's almost like if I'm writting on the picture with Photofiltre/photoshop, clearly not professional.

3) The logo of GACKT/KFC exist, my userpic here is kind of proof of it, BUT, the main problem is that why the black of the picture isn't completly BLACK ? Those things might occur when you scan a page from a magazine and that the colours aren't perfect. I can enough to assume that those things happens.

Don't hesitate to share/reblog it elsewhere, in order to don't have flase rumors spreaded too much ! ^__^