October 9th, 2011

Camui Gakuen ~Snow Festival~

[TV] Gackt - Wasurenai Kara at CDTV (2002.12.31) ~HQ VHS~

Hello to my followers ! ^_^ (and those who don't follow me directly ! xDD)
It's soon Monday, and before that moment, I've decided to continue my quest to share as much as possible my VHS rip I've made a few months ago. As youy may already know, these VHS contains a lot of treasures never seen related to GACKT and his appearances on TV shows. Those who was following my deleted account GACKTVHS on youtube have already seen this video BUT, here, there will be a better quality. And for the others, I'm pretty sure you haven't seen it before ! ^_~

As you may know, it's VHS rip, also called by me HQ VHS, ripped in the best way as possible. The quality depends of the tape itself, os it might be better or worse depending of the video. This one is really good ! :)
Mediafire link : [TV] Gackt - Wasurenai Kara at CDTV (2002.12.31).avi (191 Mb)

Credit is appreciated, but not necessary, just don't claim it as the one who did the VHS rip, thank you ! ^_^