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Hello girlz ! ^_^
Well, better late than nothing, I ripped today the video that is available on
Youku, the show 「Oh! どや顔サミット」. This show features GACKT, and with a big surprise, Hamada from Heyx3, that appears finally with GACKT since a long moment ago. It's been around 1 or 2 years that it didn't happened. Anyway, I've named this video "Food Battle" with the original name of the show because it's GACKT bringing the persons around him to a restaurant, and invite them to eat some really incredible spicy food ! xD
The video is almost the same exact quality available on Youku.com, ripped by myself of course. The quality isn't HQ unfortunatly, but by keeping the quality like the original, I hope you will like it ! :)
Mediafire link : [TV] GACKT - Food Battle at Oh! Doyagao Summit (2011.09.30).avi (153 Mb)
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