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Hellooooo !!!!! ^^
How are you today mina-san ? Me, fine. Well, kinda actually, but I'm used to it, so I'm fine ! xD Well, I still have to scan a few things, but I've encountered a technical problem with something that will push back the delay of when I will share the scans for the limited edition of the single THE END OF THE DAY, so please, be patient. Until that moment, here is a really rare video. This video, that
ryuik kindly sent me was in a CD-ROM, you know, those old disks for Windows 98 ? Because she wasn't able to extract it herself, she asked me, and here I am. The video contains a backstage photoshooting & also a little interview, only for your little eyes ! ^_^
The quality is like that on the CD-ROM, it's the same exact file available on the disk, so even if the quality is not that awesome, it's still a little treasure to have in your collection, right ? ;)
Mediafire link : [CR-ROM] Gackt - Making-of + Interview for F.O. (Summer 2000).MOV (21 Mb)

If you can't play the video, try using VLC Media Player, the latest version, thanks ! =)
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