September 23rd, 2011

YFC - The End of the Day

[Preview] What I will update soon ? ^_^

Hello everyone ! :)
I haven't been here lately, almost AT ALL, for some personal reasons that I won't write publicly, but to make short, it's related to my health and to the fact I'm jobless right now. The mood wasn't following either, so it's quite hard to have the will to update almost everydays you know. But well, I slowly come back to LJ, even if I was recently on Twitter & also Facebook. Well, I should update my sidebar, but before I do it, I'm
@Tenshin26100 on Twitter, so come and find me, I update quite a lot about my own life, but also about GACKT & many things, sooo .... ^__^

But anyway, the main purpose of this entry is, first, to say that I've finally recieved my two editions of the single "The end of the day", the first one from the Yellow Fried Chickenz. And secondly, that
I will scan both of them !!!! ^__^