September 8th, 2011

Sengokushi GACKT

[PV] Yellow Fried Chickenz - The end of the day (HD TVrip) ~HQ~

Hellow everyone ! :)
I've really been busy with life these last days, I tweeted about it yesterday, I've some issues, like money problems. Today, I had to unlock my bank account because the bank blocked it. Let's hope it won't happens again. But anyway, here is something I wasn't expecting to see today, it's the PV of the YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz, called "The end of the day", and again, we have to thanks the uploader steely for that !
Let's start by saying something. What you're gonna watch is NOT the GACKT solo carreer, it's the work of all the members of the band, it's a BAND. Of course, you can dislike it, but please, stop saying things like "GACKT isn't like before" or "GACKT changed, but in bad". It's his voice, he's in the PV, but look at what written on the video, it's YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz, not GACKT ! ^_~

Just like Episode.0 PV I've uploaded previously here, it's not the more than 300 Mbs file, for the simple reason that the differences aren't viewable on most of computer screens, and this way, it's still an awesome HQ, but with a lower file, hope you will understand ! :)
Mediafire link : [PV] Yellow Fried Chickenz - The end of the day.mp4 (130 Mb)

Leave a comment if you take, so I know what you think of that new PV, I'm always interested to see what the fandom think of it ! ^_^