September 1st, 2011

Samurai GACKT

[Yahoo] Bunraku - GACKT & Josh Harnett fighting scene (2011.08.24) ~HQ~

I'm back !!!
First, I want to say that I'm well, for those who wondered. Secondly, I've enabled again my inbox of Livejournal, so you can send me again some private messages if you want (even though I try my best to anwser you all ... lol). But anyway, due to my trip with my girlfriend, I didn't had time to upload that very well known video until now. This video of Bunraku feature GACKT & Josh Harnett in a fight, and was brought to us by the website
Yahoo movies.
For a so short scene, the video is quite big, isn't it ? It's the price for a really REALLY good HQ quality, so you won't regret it to take a look to it, I'm pretty sure. It's a good way to celebrate the first day of the release of the movie on VOD services, isn't it ? ^_^ Click on the thumb in order to view the original quality if you don't trust me ! =P
Mediafire link : [Yahoo] Bunraku - GACKT & Josh Harnett fighting scene (2011.08.24).mov (42 Mb)

Make sure to play the video with players like Quicktime or the latest version of VLC if you can't view the video properly, thank you !
Belscard {Dragon Nest}

[Hangame] Yellow Fried Chickenz - Comment for Dragon Nest (2011.09.01) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^^
Well, as you may already know, a video have been published on
Hangame website about the new theme song of the MMORPG Dragon Nest, who is THE END OF THE DAY, the new YFC single. For this occasion, GACKT & JON made a video message about that topic. But I've to agree that JON seems to be really bored to be here, GACKT is almost the only one to talk, but well, it's still good to have both on the same video, right ? ^^
This file is the original HQ video available on the official website, so I've not converted the file into .avi format. ^_^
Mediafire link : [Hangame] Yellow Fried Chickenz - Comment for Dragon Nest (2011.09.01).flv (33 Mb)

As always, if it doesn't work, use VLC Media Player to watch the video properly ! :)