August 17th, 2011

Jo Tegai

[Screencaps] GACKT - Jo Tegai in Tempest for Episode N°5 ~HQ & Semi-HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
First, I want to thank you all of those who left comments on my previous entry, everyone is so kind. I wasn't expecting AT ALL that much comments, so I was surprised (in the good way) to see so much of them. Unfortunatly, I will not have the time to anwser to that much comments, but I've seen all of them. Some of them contains questions that I've normally anwsered, if not, please tell me and I will anwser you. But anyway, today, I've downloaded the episode N°5 of the drama Tempest, and I've to say that ... GACKT is almost in the WHOLE episode, and he's even more scary in it. You can see his tongue once again, but his real one, not the big one like the first video I've shared. I've made around 85 screencaps that I will share right away with you all, I hope you will enjoy them. The video with the GACKT cut will come as soon as I can, consider this as a preview of what you will see ! ^_~

Some screencaps are more blurry than others. I wanted to catch some facial expressions or some moves, so excuse me for that, I still hope you will like those ! :)

You may be spoiled if you don't want to know what will happens to Jo Tegai in this episode, so be warned !

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