August 10th, 2011

Jo Tegai

[TV] Tempest - Jo Tegai in Episode.3 (2011.07.31) ~GACKT cut~ {Semi HQ}

Hello everyone ! ^___^
First, I want to say that I really HAD to make a Jo Tegai aka Tao Paï Paï userpic, I really love the character. Well, I don't really plan to share the GACKT cut of the first episode since it's only a few seconds where he's looking at someone with his tongue and his hat, so it's here the appearance of Jo Tegai in the episode N°3. I've ripped the full episode N°3 from Tudou, but it contains asian subs, so, I'm really sorry, I can't remove them. In this video, GACKT is really ... freaky, scary, but so awesome, he's even more scary than Takegami Seijiro in Mr. Brain for me, it's a really different level here ! ^_~
Mediafire link : [TV] Tempest - Jo Tegai in Episode.3 (2011.07.31) ~GACKT cut~.avi (64 Mb)