August 8th, 2011


[FB] GACKT - Profile pictures in ultra HQ !

Hello mina-san ! :)
Well, as you may already know (or not), GACKT (because it was him) deleted his Facebook account, the one called "Gprivate". The reason is unknown, but I understand him so much. His email adress is already full of emails from fans, and because of Facebook, I'm pretty sure he was tired of recieving notifications of a tons of stuff.Everyone was posting him stuff on his wall, he was tagged by also some pictures, and probably recieving a lot of private messages. The advantage for him on Twitter is that as long he don't follow the person, fans can't send him private message, and his wall can't be spammed.
But the interesting thing of this entry is not that, I will focus on his profile pictures. Yes, he uploaded some pictures, just like everyone, but the fact is that some pictures he uploaded was totally new for me and for some of my friends. More than that, known pictures are here in an absolutely awesome quality, I mean that they aren't scans, they are coming from a digital camera, you will see. Many thanks to
lady_irena, adrio_nevralka & also tocarrieghoul to have provided me all of these pictures. ! ^_^
Those pics don't come with the regular Facebook quality, but with an even more HQ quality, so check by yourself, you will see ! :)

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