August 7th, 2011

GACKT in Paris #2

The ultimate teaser ? Did I've done better than that ? ^_^

Hello everyone ! :)
I will make a quick entry to first apology again to not anwser to all the comments I get, but be sure I read all of them. I've been really busy these last days, it's actually the reason of my lack of updates. But I've always a bit of time for those who follow me and of course those who wait for the NicoNico broadcast in Berlin.
About it, well, it will be re-broadcast the 14th of August, but you will need to pay it. As you may know, I will share it, but it's technically IMPOSSIBLE to restitute the quality of the original broadcast, especially with all the problems I've encountered with NicoNico Douga's website for that show. The quality doesn't sucks, but will be less good. Here is a Youtube video as a big teaser. Those who follow me on Twitter & Facebook probably already saw it, but I'm reposting it here too. It's a record I've made with my camera with the screen of the original quality that NicoNico douga will gives you if you pay for it (Even with a camera, you can see the difference, you will see by yourself soon if you don't watch it on Nico's website). A friend told me that because I haven't shared it immediatly, 2000 more people have paid for it, I was really happy to hear that. So unless you really can't, follow the little cross-poster tutorial under the Youtube video directly on the website and pay for it. 
See this as a way to support GACKT and his new band ! ^__^