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Well, it's about those who share stuff and who claims credit no matter what.
Me, I tend to ask credits for some hard stuff to get because of some reasons. Sometimes, I pay for a stuff to share it with the others. Sometimes, it's one of my motivations, I've to say it. Quite stupid for some people, I wouldn't blame them to think that because I agree it's possible to see things this way. For me, it's natural to share what I have with the others, because I lived a way who teached me to do what when it's possible, thing I'm doing with my GACKT stuff when I can share them.
Maybe not everyone knows, but some stuff I share are quite hard to get, but even with that, I share them. I've to agree that sometimes, I want credits for it, but maybe some people misread what I say ! ^_^

I want credits, not for the video itself but for the work behind that, most of the time, that's what I want. My only reward to share the stuff if your thanks, that's the best present for me. As an example, yesterday night, I was so depressed, and this, even if I don't say it in the "mood" part of the entry. I've posted the scans of the photobook, and all your thank you helped me to feel better !
In case someone repost the scans/videos I've shared, again, I will not hunt that person until he credited me, because that may sounds stupid. First because that person might have founded it elsewhere, shared by someone else by someone else, and also that my first goal is to share the love, not to make fame of my stuff.

I will never forget what that stupid girl said about me, that everything I'm doing is for fame, that I'm praysing myself and others. But even with that, it's not the reason why I'm making this entry. My dear
ladysora69 pointed that topic out, and I felt that I had to talk about that. Hunting people for that is kinda stupid, no, it's stupid, because unless you've taken the picture (like those I did on my live-report for Paris), the credit goes to the one who taken the pictures/the one who is on the picture itself. As a credit, I want only thank you for that. But it seems like some people don't understand that, especially that stupid girl (you will recognize yourself if you read that) who bitched on me like that.

If someone in my friend list or who simply read that think that I'm sharing for fame, well, it's your problem, I will not bother myself to explain my thoughts more because of you. For the others, thanks for reading that long rant ! ^_^'
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03 August 2011 @ 10:22 pm
Hello dear followers ! :)
Today ended recently the performance in Berlin from the YFC. The concert on NicoNico was amazing, despite the fact that GACKT was really tired.
The really BAD POINT is the lags. They was everywhere, really. The differences between last year in Bochum is that now, you have really REALLY better camera angles, it means it's really more professional. The big problems is that the lags was getting me on my nerves, it was everywhere. But when the lag started, the video was frozen, but then, at the end of the lag, it started again at the exact moment when the lag started, so it created a big difference of the moment where the concert was going and what you was saying. The result is that at almost the end of the last ballad, called ALL MY LOVE (NicoNico confirmed the name), the website cutted it cause of too much lags probably <.<

For those who ask me if I recorded it, you already know the anwser. Oh, by the way, they revealed the names of the new songs, so it's :

The end of the Day
Last Kiss
Môsô Girl
You are the Reason
All my Love

These are in the right order. So for now, you have to wait until I share the video, because they will re-broadcast the concert (hopefully without lags) in 10 days, so it's only after these 10 days that I will share it for you all. I don't want to be in trouble with NicoNico you know. Let's finish this entry with a nice screencap, do you want it ? ^_^

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