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Hello everyone ! :)
Woaaah, long time no see, isn't it ? Livejournal had a serious DDoS attack recently, so the website wasn't loading for most of us. But as promised, I will share the shots I got from a nice friend called Arnaud Boulent, who is the owner of what I will share and have accepted kindly to see them shared in the fandom. Excepted for the last one, they are all coming from the first day of the tour, the 20th July 2011, in front of the BATACLAN. I will of course share the best shots, because some of them are too blurry and you can't enjoy them.

ENJOY, and please, don't remove the watermark, because it's not my pictures, thank you ! :)

~ Big and heavy HQ pictures behind the cut ! ^_^ ~Collapse )
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