July 23rd, 2011


Okay !

To those who hate me, to those who don't like and say sh*t about me, in my back or publicly pretending that they are innocent, do wathever your want, I won't force you to love me or others, and I don't care if I don't have your love because I do what I do because I like it at first, and nothing else. If you have too much energy to spend and that you can't,, make some sports, hit some walls, do what you want, excepted bothering me because I want to be nice with the others. If you think that I say everywhere that I'm the fan N°1, it's wrong. If you say that I make friendship with interests and not for real friendship, it's wrong, and many will prove you the same. If you think I use my "privileges" to be there or there or to make this and this, well, you're jealous. I wouldn't spend sometimes one or two whole day for something called "fame" because I don't earn any money of that, only "thank you", but those thank you are my own money.

We can't be perfect, we do mistakes, but we are human. You aren't when you judge the others on their mistakes, as long they are of course.