July 18th, 2011


[TV] GACKT - Talk + Episode.0 at Music Japan (2011.07.17) ~HQ~

Hello minna-san ! :)
Well, yesterday, I had quite of chance while I was trying to convert the Music Japan show. I wasn't ever able to convert that file at the begining, but I don't even know how, I managed to convert it perfectly and to get an HQ quality. In the video, they talk about a world tour, and then, they are talking about some countries like Hungary or Sweden if I'm not mistaken. As always, GACKT is talking about weird stories who happened to him. In the middle of the video, he's singing Episode.0 live ! =)

This video is the full talk. I mean, the actual version who is floating around miss the first 2 minutes of the talk. To help you, the duration of the video is more than 7 minutes, so more pleasure to you. I've spent a whole day to figure out how to convert that file by the way, it was really painfull ... xD

Please, credit me if you repost the video, or at least don't claim it as yours, thank you ! ^_^