July 17th, 2011


[TV] GACKT - Talk + Episode.0 at Happy Music Store (2011.07.16) ~HQ~

Hello minna ! =)
Well, I will share today an another TV appearance where GACKT was yesterday on Japanese TV. In this show, he is with the host who seems to be a GACKT fan like us. You can see that he love snowboard, and some other things. In the video, you will have a little surprise of a GACKT using a snowboard, but with a weird haircut, just watch the video and you will see ! ^_^

Of course, he's also performing the song Episode.0 on stage at the end of the show, thing that is really enjoyable ! <3

[TV] GACKT - Opening + Talk + Episode.0 at Music Station (2011.07.15) ~HQ~

Hello again everyone ! :)
In my quest of sharing the HQ videos as fast as possible, here is now the turn of the Music Station show. This show was awesome, I really enjoyed it. As always, GACKT is cosplayed as Gakupo, and his eye seems to be better right now. In this show, he performs the song Episode.0 on stage with beautifull effects under his feets and in the big screens behind him. That's really a good show ! =)

In this version, you will find the opening with the Mini Music Station (check the thumb), when he's coming with the other guests at the begining, the talk, the performance of Episode.0, but it's not over. I've also included the moment where Episode.0 entered in their ranking, the CM of Episode.0, and the ending of the show, and this, only for your personal pleasure ! ^_^

Join all the parts together with the free software HJSplit in order to view the video, thank you ! :)
Me &amp; Takanori Nishikawa

[TV] GACKT - Talk at King's Brunch (2011.07.16) ~HQ~

Hello ... again ! xDD
Well, I will share one last video today, because as soon this entry is completed, I will go to bed immediatly, it's not serious from me to go to sleep that late, but I wanted to finish that last video before going to bed. Well, anyway, this video is from a recent show called King's Brunch where he talk to 3 girls in a sofa. During the talk, he's talking about an old story when he's using SMS on japanese phones, that it's really hard to find the syllab he want, because if he's not stopping on the right one, he need to do it again ! xD

I'm not satisfied myself with the quality of this one, but oh well, it's maybe only me. It's HQ, but not the same HQ as the Music Station show of course.
Angry GACKT #2

Damn Music Japan ...

I'm encountering a problem with the Music Japan file, both actually, who are available in a .ts format on Jpopsuki.
Since the last Music Japan of July 2010, and now, this time in July 2011, no matter what I'm trying to convert it into an HQ .avi, everything have failed from now. If my last attempt still don't work, I will share the part that everyone know, where the begining of the talk have been cut, around 1:30 of videos, but it will be the original .ts file, and really big too. If it's the only way to do, I will do it, I don't have any other choices right now ...

So, until then, a little screencap in HQ, okay ? ^_^