July 13th, 2011

GG Monthly 35

[TV] GACKT - Interview at Ontama (2011.07.13) ~Medium quality~

Hello girlz and guyz ! :)
Well, today, our dear
gubung2 shared a .mkv version of the Ontama show of today where GACKT was, in medium quality. The file ratio wasn't really correct, and it was also too big for such quality. So what I've done with this version is to cut the commercials in the video itself, resizing the video to a more correct ratio, and re-adjusted how the video was. At the end, the quality of the video is a bit better. In this show, he seems to really enjoy his own jokes, because it seems he's not anwsering seriously to the sentences ! xD
I thin you have understand that this file comes from Gubung2 at first, I've just made and modified the file to have a better result ! :)

Don't forget to say thanks to gubung2 to have provided the file, and well, for me, if you feel the will to do it, credit me if you repost it ! ^_^
GG Monthly 35

[Barks] GACKT - Comment about Episode.0 (2011.07.13) ~Original quality~

Hello minna-san ! :)
Well, I've decided to upload and to spam you a lot today, but it's not my fault. Actually, today was a hard day to keep up with all the newest videos who appeared in many places on Internet. So today, I've decided to share the BARKS comment of GACKT about Episode.0 and his upcoming world tour. Actually, this video is kinda similar to the Excite comment, he's almost talking about the same thing. But I think it's still nice to have all versions as possible, don't you think ? ^_^

This video is the extracted version of the website, it means it's the file itself you're watching on BARKS website ! :)
Mediafire link : [Barks] GACKT - Comment about Episode.0 (2011.07.13).wmv (4,18 Mb)