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Hello minna-san ! :)
Well, I have been quite late to update on a few things, but I just discovered yesterday that GACKT performed the song Episode.0 on a TV show, and had a talk with someone who was one of the two guys of Utaban a while back. He seems to want to hide his right eye, due most probably to the problem he had lately with it, that's why his wig are mostly covering his right eye, and he seems really tired. But even with that, he's delivering us a really enjoyable performance of this song !

I know it's not that much, but at the end of the video, I've cropped the little few seconds where the host continue his show, in order to stop the video when GACKT says arigato, I think it's better like that ! :)

Join all the parts together with HJsplit if you download the file with Mediafire, thanks ! ^_^
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Current Music: GACKT - Episode.0