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Hello everyone ! :)
A quick update from a friend to say that I've one ticket for the 21th of July to sell. She though that the tickets will sell more, so that's why she bought more. But anyway, no matter what the reason is, she's selling it and asked me for a bit of help. I've the ticket at home right now, and I can send it via postal service or give it to you directly in Paris if you prefer. So for those who are interested, please let me know by commenting here ! ^_^
Oh, I've forgot to mention, the ticket is the 55€ one, it means it's NOT the balcony ! :)

She's selling it to a price between 25€ and 30€, but I can negociate and find a solution if you're missing a few euros for example ! ^_^

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Hello everyone ! :)
A friend of me,
asuka_suminoe, contacted me today to let me know that his CD store delivered him the two versions of the single Episode.0. Remember, it was the same person who recieved so fast the Swimsuit Mizugizai YFC DVD, almost before anybody else, well, this time, it's for this single. He asked me to share his scans and I think also his pictures taken from his camera to everyone who might be interested to, and I've accepted ! ^__^
Please note that these scans aren't mine and that they aren't in HQ like I do with my scans, but because it can be good to have a preview of what you will recieve for those who purchased it, I'm sharing them ! :)

~ Pictures and scans behind the cut ! ~Collapse )
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