June 28th, 2011

GG Monthly 21

[Poll] Who from LJ will go to see GACKT in Paris ?

Hello again everyone ! :)
Well, I remember that last year, a lot of people was recognizing me at the venue in the Alhambra in July 2010. I was really surprised and all (in the good way of course lol), so I assumed these persons was coming from Livejournal. What I am wondering is how many persons are attempting to one or both concerts in Paris this year at the Bataclan ? I'm just curious, because last year, it seems that a lot of there, let's see if it's the same for this year. Don't get me wrong, I will not go alone to the concert, plus, I will NOT be the only one to attempt this concert anyway. So please tell me ! ^_^

The poll is of course not adressed to those who can't go, even if you can vote on the poll with the last option ! ^_^
Of course, the last anwser was a personal joke, I wonder how many will anwser that ... xDDD *ROFL*

Poll #1756556 GACKT in Paris, are you coming ?

Will you go to see GACKT in Paris this year ?

Yes, the 20th of July !
Yes, the 21th of July !
Yes, both concerts !
Unfortunatly, I can't ...
Tenshin, I love you ! <3

GG Monthly 30

[NicoNico Douga] L'arc~en~Ciel - Live Talk at L'arc Station (2011.06.28)

Hello minna-san, fans of L'arc~en~Ciel ! :)
Today, I've helped a friend in an another fandom for recording a video from NicoNico Douga in the best quality as possible. For the information, it's thanks to this friend that I was able to record so nicely the Bochum YFC concert, the two previous Nicoden live talk, and even more. It's like my opposite, she's the same as me, but in L'arc/Vamps/HYDE fandom, so it was a friendly exchange. This video is the full part in Ultra HQ of the show where L'arc~en~Ciel was. They talked, handled a quizz through NicoNico Douga, and at the end, they shown the special music video clip of their newest release, but it was the Full Metal Alchemist version ! ^_^

At one moment, I was constantly saying to come to Paris, that paris is good, etc, and it seems the host guy have seen the comments because he talked about Paris suddenly. So maybe it was a coinsidence, but why not to believe in it after all ? =P
If you have troubles to watch the video once you joined all the parts together with HJsplit, use the LATEST version of VLC Media Player, because the codecs for the video are kinda ... special to use ! lol

For all the L'arc fans who want to share this elsewhere, please credit me with the entry, it taken me the whole day and a bit of my morning to rip, upload all of this, thank you ! ^_^