June 26th, 2011

Nicoden GACKT #2

[NicoNico Douga] GACKT - Live Talk at Nicoden (2011.06.25) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^__^
Well, as you may know, today, right now, I will share the NicoNico Douga broadcast who was shown at us yesterday, the 25th of June. In this show, the topic was that the fans had to tell to GACKT a funny story, in order to bring smiles back to everyone's face who suffered of the disaster that have happened in Japan. Of couese, some stories wasn't really expected, too long, or others. If you don't understand japanese and want to read an awesome summary of the show, please take a look to
excused_early' entry HERE ! ^_^
The quality is superior to what you've seen on the website itself, the quality of the sound in the video is superior too. But the negative point is that I've encountered some unexpected lags during the broadcast, quite a few times. The quality of the video is still 30 kbps, like the original broadcast, so I hope you will still enjoy it anyway, because at the end, you will hear PARANOID DOLL, by GACKT ! =)

Join all the parts together with HJsplit if you want to view the show ! ^_^

Video resolution : 530 x 370
Length : 01:12:53
Fps : 30
Audio quality : 1536 Kbps (equivalent to 320 Kbps)