June 25th, 2011

YFC ~Europe~ #1

[AM²] GACKT - Bunraku Scenes (2011.06.25) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
Hahaha, I guess this entry will make you everyone nosebleed about the contains, because it's related to ...... BUNRAKU, and more than that, according to the title, it's a video. A video of what ? Well, you will discover it by yourself, but I can tell you that you're seeing GACKT fighting a lot, talking in english ... and again fighting ! The video was provided kindly by the
AM² Convention on Facebook over here. So I guess nobody will see that on a bad eye, especially Keith Calder, to see that shared everywhere. Thanks to gackt_no_hime to have provided that into my F-page ! ^__^
I really want to see that movie right now ... even more, because these fighting scenes rocks ! <3

Mediafire link : [AM²] GACKT - Bunraku Scenes (2011.06.25).mp4 (5 Mb)
Nicoden GACKT

Target ... recorded ! xD

Just a quick entry to say that I really really enjoyed that show ! <3
Of course, you will judge by the screencap that the show is in better quality than all the screencaps who already popped-out. I will provide the best quality as possible, don't worry ! ^_^

Paranoid Doll was in the show too, so you can expect some awesome entries in the near future ! <3

Until then ... enjoy our dorky GACKT ! xD