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Hello everyone ! :)
People seems to talk a lot about GACKT tongue he was showing to us in the Tempest preview video. But I will not upload the video, I guess I wouldn't upload something quite new with that, so I decided to continue with my Kenshin Festival videos. Despite the fact that almost nobody have commented on my entry, I've still seen that I've got almost 100 downloads for that video, so I'm here to reiterate the experience. These messages was previously online on the official page that the Joetsu Website have opened in the past, so I hope you will love them ! :)

These files aren't Youtube versions, they both come from their respective websites, even for the .flv file. I just decided to not convert the file because it would alterate the quality since it's a pretty small video ! ^_~
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Current Music: Gackt - Death Wish