June 22nd, 2011

GG Monthly 35

[GanshinYT] GACKT - Comment for the Yellow Fried Chickenz Tour 2011 (2011.06.22) ~Optimized & Subs~

Hello everyone ! ^_^
Well, today, Ganshin on Twitter tweeted the newest GACKT comment totally in English about the upcoming YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz Tour 2011. For those who want to watch the online version, it's
HERE. This comment is really interesting because once again, we can listen to his english, and I've to admit that it's not that easy to understand him with the first view ... I had to watch it many times to understand it ! ^^
This version of the video is really special. First, the green colors have been modified by some more natural colors as you can see from the original on Youtube. More than that, I subbed the video with what he's saying exactly, for those who have problems with his english. Everything is still in the original quality of course ! ^_^
Mediafire link : [GanshinYT] GACKT - Comment for the Yellow Fried Chickenz Tour 2011 (2011.06.22) ~Optimized & Subbed~.avi (23 Mb)

Don't claim it as yours, that's all I want, I've worked hard to give a good decent result ! ^__^