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Hello everyone ! :)
Well, today, I was kinda busy, but I will of course find the time to post a little video for everyone. So I had the idea to search on my old folders and I've found something kinda old, but maybe not everyone have seen that video, and especially in the original quality provided by the Joetsu Website about the Kenshin Festival. It was the first video made by GACKT on that website for this event, he's talking about this.

For the online version, please click on the thumb, you will be redirected to the Dailymotion video I uploaded in 2008, the same file, but not in HQ of course ! ^_^

Please, don't claim the video as yours, so credit me if you have the time, I ripped that myself in 2008 ! ^__^
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Current Music: GACKT - EVER