June 20th, 2011

GG Monthly 35

[Jiji Press] GACKT - Interview for Sket Dance (2011.06.19) ~Original Quality~

Hello everyone ! :)
I woke too late, so I wasn't able to see that new video in time, but I don't care, I can't resist to share it. The original video is available
HERE on Youtube and show our dear GACKT recording for the character called Dante in the anime Sket Dance. Dante is a singer of a Visual-Kei band called JardIN (a french word who mean Garden), that's why you will hear GACKT singing at the begining of the video. The song he's performing in the anime as Dante is called "Iki toshi ikeru subete ni tsugu" (生きとし生けるすべてに告ぐ), and the episode will be broadcasted in July on TV Tokyo in Japan !
The file available here are in .avi original quality version, it means that even if it have been converted from the .flv version, the quality is the same, so feel free to grab it if you want it ! ^__^
Mediafire link : [Jiji Press] GACKT - Interview for Sket Dance (2011.06.19).avi (42 Mb)