June 19th, 2011


[Creation] GACKT - GHOST at R&R II (WoWoW Vers. VS DVD Vers.)

Hello everyone ! :)
Yesterday, I had the idea to search about how to insert two different videos in one single video. In short, you have two video who are viewed in one single video. At first, it wasn't easy to find a way to do it, but at the end, I discovered that I had a software directly on my computer I've got previously who was able to do it.
The left video is the TV version (WoWoW), and the right version is the one you will found on the DVD itself of the concert.
So I've done a video differences between the TV version and the DVD version of the performance GHOST of Requiem & Reminiscence II. These two videos in one are perfectly synchronized, both the sound and the video itself, so you will see the different camera angles they used. The sound I choosen to keep is the one from the DVD version, with the cyborg noises. Tell me if you like it ! ^__^

Do you think it can be a good idea to submit this embeded video to LJ communities like dears or ohgacktyoudidnt ???