June 16th, 2011

YFC ~Shall we Dance ?~

[Review] GACKT - Attack of the Yellow Fried Chickenz in Europe 2010 (CD + DVD) ~European version~

Hello everyone ! ^_^
Despite my lovely userpic, I will write a kind of review for the latest released product of Gan-Shin for GACKT, the bundle who contains the YFC CD and the YFC DVD of the Europe Tour. The bundle was released the 10th June 2011, and you could find many stores who was selling it. The price is supposed to be 17,99€, so it's so cheaper than the both japanese release together, don't you think ?

So, here is my personal review of this product, that I recommand to everyone who wasn't able to afford the japanese versions. But why I recommand it ? You will see it by reading my review and looking at the pics who will come with it. Ready, GO !

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