June 14th, 2011


[PV] GACKT - Episode.0 (HD TVrip) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! :)
I know, I could have shared this earlier, but I didn't know it was online before, so here I am right now. I want to thank the uploader steely on Jpopsuki to have uploaded this HD version (1280x720) for us all, it's really a big pleasure. I know that an another version is also available, but oh well, the difference is not enough to shared a file 4 times bigger, this one is HQ, and it's the most important, isn't it ?

So, you guessed right, it's the full version of the PV, and of course the song is in her full version in it. I must admit that I pretty love the song. The PV is made like Gakupoid video clips, with pictures who show you a story. It's the same here, but with G itself, in little CG with awesome and beautifull special effects. You will love it, or you will hate it, it's a special concept that I kinda like with the "GACKT touch" ! ^_^
Mediafire Link : [PV] GACKT - Episode.0 (HD TVrip).mp4.rar (113 Mb)

Leave a thank you if you take it, so I know your impressions with comments ! :)

[Screencaps] GACKT - Episode.0 PV (1440x1080 version) ~HQ~

Hello again ! ^^
This post will contain all the screencaps of the moments you will see from the PV. Since it's quite easy to screencap them, I decided to do them before going to bed, so enjoy everyone, and do wathever you want with them ! ^__^

As you can see if you compare to the version I've previously shared, the difference between the two versions are not enough as I said. It's just bigger, but because your monitor screen of your computer is not plasma size, it's the exact same quality. That's the reason why I choosen the 1280x720 size version ! ^_^

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