June 8th, 2011

Nicoden GACKT

[News] GACKT - Update about the NicoNico Douga Broadcast !

Hello minna-san ! ^_^
I though well to do a little update about that. Well, tomorow, finally, there will be a broadcast about YFC, apparently, according to GACKT on Twitter, it's a press conference.

Be ready to watch it. The link bellow the picture is the link to watch it on NicoNico Douga. For that, you must have created an account (free or premium, but the second one is not free of money), and then login and go to the white door for the free accounts when it will be the time ! :)

GACKT YFC 禁級来日記者発表

PS : And of course, I will make an attempt to record it of course, but even if it's usually work, I prefer to say that I will "try" than that it will be done for sure, in case of an electricity shutdown ! xDDD