June 6th, 2011

GG Monthly 35

[TV] Gackt - Heyx3 Music Awards VI (2002.04.01) ~HQ VHS ~

Hello minna ! ^__^
I recently ripped a new VHS full of nice videos of GACKT, and I feel like to share it quickly. This video is about an appearance on Heyx3 where Gackt recieve some kind of awards. I don't really know what is it about, maybe for the best appearance on one of their shows. I really like how Gackt seems to talk about weird things, as always of course. But it's always funny to see the reactions of Hamada and Matsumoto on the couch ! xD

The video, for those who already saw it elsewhere, only contained the part where Gackt talk with his award recieved. This version contains the intro, the selected part by they heyx3 production, and then, the award part that you may probably know, all in HQ ! ^_^
Mediafire Link : [TV] Gackt - Heyx3 Music Awards VI (2002.04.01).avi (107 Mb)

Credit me if you repost, or if not, please don't claim it as yours, thank you really much ! ^_^