June 4th, 2011


[TV] GACKT - Ghost at Asia Song Festival (2009.09.24) ~HQ~

Hello minna-san ! ^^
Here, it's a cloudy, but really cloudy day, so I will not upload one video, but two today. The other one will come in a new entry after this one. As you may know, I love so damn much this song, so you will easely guess that I also really love this performance of him. He have performed GHOST at the Asia Song Festival and right after it the song Redemption. If you want to see Redemption,
check here. I don't think this performance of GHOST is really floating a lot out there, so I decided to rip the .ts file I had downloaded to keep only the right performance, and in HQ please ! ^^
I don't remember the username of the one who shared previously the .ts original file, so if he come across this entry, please say hi and I will add your name to the entry ! ^_^

Please credit me for the rip from the original file if you repost, or at least don't claim it as yours, thank you ! ^__^
Uesugi Kenshin

[TV] GACKT - News about Kenshin Kousai 2011 (2011.06.03) ~HQ~

Hello everyone ! ^^
Here is my second entry of the day where I upload a video. But this one is a new video that was broadcasted in Japan apparently the 3rd of June 2011, and it's about the Kenshin Festival who will be held the next August of this year. This video is coming from
Youtube and have been edited by me, even if this time it's only a small edit. At the bottom of the video, you will see a grey line, it's now removed ! ^__^
Even if I will not be able to attempt, I can't wait to see pictures of this upcoming Kenshin Festival ! <3

Mediafire Link : [TV] GACKT - News about Kenshin Kousai 2011 (2011.06.03).avi (41 Mb)