May 30th, 2011

Seito Kaichou ~Gakuensai~ #3

[WoWoW] Gackt - Interview for The Beat File Japan (2002.12.13) ~HQ VHS~

Hello everyoooone ! =)
Today, I'm in a good mood, that's why I use this userpic for this entry. So I'm bringing to everyone a new VHS rip about Gackt. This TV show was broadcasted on WoWoW channel a long moment ago, and in this show, Gackt is talking about many things in his carreer, like Moon Child or about some PV.

The original TV show was 1 hour long, because it contains all his PV from Mizerable to Wasurenai Kara. In order to save some space, to not have a too big and long file, I've cut the PV of the show. I've still left the little introductions before each promotional videos, so you will know what Gackt is talking about. An another thing, the embeded Youtube video does not contain the full show, because the full show is around 12 minutes ! ^_^

Mediafire link : [WoWoW] Gackt - Interview for The Beat File Japan (2002.12.13).avi (199 Mb)

Please, credit me if you repost, or at least don't claim it as yours if you share it, thank you ! ^__^