May 28th, 2011

GACKT in Paris

GACKT - YFC Europe tour 2011 in France, tickets, GOT !

Hello minna ! ^__^
Well, I've been a little bit quiet these days, I'm really sorry. Today, or yesterday for a lot of people right now, the tickets for the Europe Tour 2011 have been on sale. I'm quite surprised that the tickets aren't sold-out for more venues, but well, this time, they are bigger, and there is more of them available, so it's normal ! ^^
last year, here is my traditionnal screencap about what you should have seen if you ordered on your tickets for Paris venues. As you see, I will attempt to the TWO concerts in Paris, the 20th and the 21th of July. I really wonder how it will be this time. And you know what ? The excitement, well, it's now ... different. But not different in a bad way. The thing is that last year, I never saw in my life the man I was always watching on my computer, now, it's so different. I really look forward to this awesome experience, and this, even if my health will have to follow. I know my own limits this time, so I will be even more carefull. So please, at the venue of the BATACLAN, be kind with me ! =P *laugh*

55€ = First row, close from the artist
60€ = Balcony