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Hello everyone ! ^__^
Lately, I have been busy in life, I've been hunting for a new job, because the one where I was is now over. Yes, like everyone, I need money, and I will make it. Well, for those who are wondering, the doctor said, but he's not sure, that I probably have a "muscles disease". Before being sure, I need to make more tests.
Anyway, lately, I feel like I'm more uploading my VHS videos on Youtube instead of my Livejournal, I will try to correct this mistake now. Today is a video I've uploaded already on Youtube and who seems to be the favourite of a lot of people, according to the number of views. I still hope you will like it now in a better quality ! ^_^

Mediafire link : [TV] Gackt - Interview + Wasurenai Kara at CDTV (2002.04.21).avi (172 Mb)

Credit would be really appreciated for my VHS rip, but if you don't do, at least, don't claim it as your ripped it yourself, thanks ! ^_^

Current Mood: naughtynaughty
Current Music: Gackt - 12gatsu no Love Song