May 22nd, 2011

Nicoden GACKT

[News] GACKT - Tracklist for his upcoming single + Video message (HQ) !

Hello minna ! ^__^
Today, I was about to post the link of the
NicoNico Douga's webpage about the Gackpoid song that GACKT intend to use in his upcoming single, and then, I suddenly noticed that the page have recently ben changed completly. They have changed the header, now, it's the real GACKT with the clothes and the haircut of Gackupo in the Episode.0 video clip !
EDIT : have also created a new page who contain the new picture of GACKT with also a button where you can hear a 40 seconds preview of the new song Episode.0, please, check it out !


But on this internet page, you will also find a video showing GACKT who talk about this song, with a reminder about the actual NicoNico Douga's live show where he selected these two songs. You need a NicoNico Douga account in order to watch the video online, or if you don't have, I'm offering you to watch it on Youtube HERE or to download it in HQ, the choice is up to you ! ^__^