May 18th, 2011

Me & Takanori Nishikawa

Finally, a full report of my health !

Hello minna-san ! ^_^
Long time no see, right ? Well, it's mainly due to my private life and everything's who happen in it. For those who really don't know what happened to me with my health, let me explain a little bit. Last July 2010, right after the GACKT concert in Paris, due to too much efforts, my entire body really had a bad reaction to this big efforts.
Browse on Google if you want to know exactly everything about it, but I had the CPK level in my entire body who have increased too much. My friend Ren and Anis, when we was eating KFC the day right after the concert noticed that I had the white of my eyes who turned yellow. Not surprising, because when I woke up the second day, I had a lot of dizziness, but I though it was because I'm tired. Ren suggested me to see the doctor and to make a blood test. The doctor indeed checked my CPK level. The normal level should be around 290, but one week after the effort, when my blood test was done, I had ... 5980 in my body. No wonder why my eyes turned yellow !!!
So well, tomorow, I will see a specialist, who are supposed to finally find what I have and especially why my body reacted like that, in order to cure this, and if it's not possible, to cure it as much as possible. The bad effects of this is that my body became weak, but really. I've still some random dizziness, my eyes turn sometimes yellow, but are mostly normal, and the really bad thing is that as soon I make efforts, my muscles start to hurt so much that it's a pain in a ass to handle it. The pain is like you trained your body for 3 hours long and then your muscles hurt, but for me, it happens when I simply use my muscles for some random things for around 30 minutes. So well, let's hope he will find something, because as far as I've heard, GACKT come back soon in Europe, and I want to be ready to see him again. But be aware that no matter if I'm fully recovered or not, I will come to see him again, it's not a body who will stop and tell me what to do !

I have no intentions to give up until my body will be broken or when he will die. As long your body move, just fight, and never give up, otherwise, it would have been useless to live and everything you accomplished will be vanished. If your body don't move, just try to find the energy you have inside you to continue to live. It's maybe easy to say, but we have all the same potential. There is just different way to use it for each person in the world.

As an apologize for being so absent with my uploads, I will upload soon two or maybe three videos in a row, please be patient ! ^_^