May 10th, 2011

Laughing GACKT

[Screencaps] GACKT - Europe Tour DVD {I LOVE YOU ALL} ~HQ~ (Documentary Part)

Hello everyone ! ^_^
I plan to anwser to all the comments I've recieved so far in all my previous entries, but for now, I need to update with an another batch of screencaps from the awesome Europe Tour DVD of GACKT. This time, it contains no live parts, only the moments where they are outside or not on stage. They are really having fun together like that, it's really nice to see, all these smiles. It's with these kind of things that you realize how much they had fun during the whole tour !

This time, the screencaps aren't stored by Livejournal servers since they have some problems, and I will not post them all under the cut, you will have to download the zipped folder for viewing them all ! ^__^

No credits needed for this, just enjoy ! ^___^

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