April 29th, 2011

Me & Takanori Nishikawa

[TV] Gackt - Interview at Mutoma Japan (2002.11.21) ~HQ VHS~

Hello minna-san ! :)
Well, sorry, I have been busy for replying to all the comments lately, I'm really sorry about that, but I'm many good reasons. The main one is that I was ripping some other VHS while I'm waiting for my YFC Europe DVD to arrive, it's killing the time and help me to wait for it. Well, today, I will upload a video I've already uploaded on Youtube, but not in HQ on my LJ, so here I come.

This interview is pretty old, and he seems to talk about Moon Child and about his song 12gatsu no Love Song. I really hope you will enjoy it ! ^^

Credit would be really appreciated if you repost, but not necessary, thank you ! ^_^