April 26th, 2011


Suspicious comments and Spam comments : LJ decision to block spam is a big FAIL!

Originally posted by heeroluva at "Suspicious comments" and "Spam comments": LJ decision to 'block' spam is a big FAIL!
So I've been noticing in both my own journal and communities that I haven't been able to see some comments even thought it says there are more comments there than are actually showing up. Instead I'm getting a place holder that says (Spam comment) or (Suspicious comment).

Why are these showing up like this you may ask? In their rush to fight spam LJ has created a new filter that're AUTOMATICALLY TURNED ON in ALL journals and communities, which screens comments that are made with 'suspicious links' ie links that are not on their safe whitelist, so pretty much the majority of the internet. There is no noted way to add to the 'whitelist'.

What really gets me is that they didn't inform people that they were doing this until a week after it was done and that it was automatically turned on.

So how do I turn it off you might ask.

That's simple. Go to you
r Settings, click on the Privacy tab, and half way down where it says Spam Protection uncheck the box next to "Comments containing a link to a non-whitelisted domain will be marked as spam and moved to a special section." This applies to both personal journal and communities and the opinion has to be manually changed in each one.

While I understand how this could be a good idea, I think they went about it in a very backhanded way, and have implemented it poorly. There was no message to anyone that the link has been screened. It's automatically done. This went on for over a week before they said anything about it. There is still nothing in the FAQs about it even. The only way I found out about this way going through the support pages where people were reporting similar issues.

Please share this!

PS : It's really true, it's not a spam. I've copied the entry from a friend with this button, so if you want to spread the information, please do it too ! :)
Seito Kaichou ~Gakuensai~ #2

Well, here is a "my life" entry, it's been a while, isn't it ? ^^

Hello minna-san ! :)
Well, today, before uploading a new video, I decided to talk a little bit about myself. Well, let's start by the begining. I've recently seen my girlfriend for 3 days and a half this week-end, that's why I wasn't online at Livejournal. But well, lately, it's not the joy, because I feel the little "thing" that I used to when I'm with her, I don't have it, and even if I try to found it again, it's not really usefull ... I try, I just hope it will be back again. Love is not something easy, it's brings you joy and everything, but in the other side, it's also kinda hard to live, depend of the person you're sharing your life. I guess what's happening right now is what you can call "routine" I guess.

I need to make some medical exams in order to see what's happening with my health again. Because if you remember what I've said during my live-report for GACKT in Europe, my health was kinda bad, and lately, my health is between good and bad, it's really random. Eyes are turning yellow and white when they want, so it's kinda hard for me, because my mind is in a body that can't follow everything I want to do. But I decide to not give up, because life have a lot of things to see and to do, bad or good, I want to see what's happening next. It's not because life sucked to you that you have to give-up, life will always kick your ass one day, it's your choice to give-up or not. It's like a test you know, in order to see those who are able to kick in the back the life in return to those who are not able. I wish everyone would be able to kick really hard the life and always be happy !

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Well, I guess that's all for now, stay tuned for my next upload, hope you aren't tired to have read so much things, and a last thing, please, don't worry about me and my girlfriend and about my health, you have also a lot of problems to deal with it too, stay focus on them in order to resolve them quickly before worrying about others ! ^_~
~ GACKT in Toronto #1 ~

[DVD] Ayumi Hamasaki & GACKT - Rock'n'Roll Circus Tour Final ~7days Special~ (2010.06.26) ~HQ~

Hello again minna-san ! :)
Well, today, I was working on a rip I wanted to do for everyone, and especially in HQ. Yes, because most probably everyone seen the GACKT part in the latest Ayumi Hamasaki's DVD where she's talking and show GACKT in the audiance. This part is so cute and amazing at the same time. Amazing because no matter if it's him on stage or not, he's able to make almost all the audiance screaming at him. Cute, because even Ayumi, who are the actual star of the show jump and wave at him, it's really a priceless moment ! xD <3

Well, you're probably wondering how I got such quality. Well, it's quite simple, I downloaded the full disk N°3 (4,3 Gbs) of the concert and extracted in the exact SAME quality the interesting part, that's why the file is so big ! ^^
Open the file with VLC Media Player if it's not working well ! :)

Mediafire link : [DVD] Ayumi Hamasaki & GACKT - Rock'n'Roll Circus Tour Final ~7days Special~ (2010.06.26).vob (76 Mb)

Credit would be really appreciated if you repost this somewhere else, thank you ! ^_^