April 21st, 2011


GACKT - Attack of the "Yellow Fried Chickenz" in Europe CD ~Camera pics~

Hello everyone ! :)
If you follow me outside of LJ, you will have seen that I've finally recieved the CD of the europe tour from GACKT. The CD came alone because I had the stupidity to order the CD alone and the DVD only later. The DVD have been shipped today from CDjapan, so I'm waiting to recieve it and finally see my face on the TV ! lol (and also GACKT of course xD). I've taken a few pics of the contains for those who are curious to know before they recieve their copy or for those who wasn't able to buy it. It came with the limited photobook, who are actually more an bonus booklet than a photobook. It contains pictures during lives performances from the tour.

The Audio quality of the CD have been improved so much compared to the Bochum show who was broadcasted on NicoNico Douga, for sure. In the CD case, you will find a paper with a passcode. Write this passcode with the one given with the copy of your regular DVD and you will be able to download ONE SONG from the 3 missing songs, who are : Justified, Lu:Na and Kimi ga Matteiru kara.

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