April 8th, 2011

HQ Master

[TV] Gackt - Mizerable + Talk at CDTV (2003.04.02) ~HQ VHS~

Hello minna-san ! :)
Well, it's been a while since I've uploaded a video isn't it ? Well, I was waiting because I wanted to rip a lot of them, but now, it's okay I guess. Yes, I'm talking about the big amount of VHS I've recently recieved (Thanks Sab~chan ! <3). I guess a lot of you may have noticed that I was uploading a lot of rare videos over
GACKTvhs lately, well, I plan to share over this channel all my used VHS, as long the file fits on Youtube's servers of course. Today, I will come with a recent upload I've done on Youtube, the latest VHS I've ripped. It's the CDTV Mizerable performance that everyone probably already know, but the little begining and the full talk of this TV show was missing, so ... it's where I come for everyone for providing the full file ! :)
The video is considered as a HQ video for me, because for a VHS tape, it's really a good quality. I will never be able to obtain such nice quality like all the recent videos, technologies wasn't that good at this period.

For the VHS rips, I would like to be credited, because it's really a lot of work to rip those tapes. But if you really don't want to, just don't claim them as yours, and everything will be okay ! ^_^