April 2nd, 2011


[TV] GACKT - Show your Heart Fundraising at Nagoya (2011.03.31) ~Edited version~

Hello minna-san ! :)
Well, first, I need to say some things.Yesterday, wich day it was ? It was indeed April fool's day, wich means that my last entry ... was a JOKE ! ^^ Well, to be franc, some things in it was indeed true, the only wrong parts was the fact that I wanted to retire or that I've lost everything in my computer due to a virus. Unfortunatly, almost all the rest was true. I wanted to do a joke last year, but I didn't had the time to do it, but the fact that I've done it this year have make me laugh really hard, and trust me, I needed it. It's been too long that I haven't laughed like that, so thanks everyone to have fallen in my prank ! ^_^ (Yeah, it's a weird sentence ! xD)
For those who sent me worried messages, still, thank you, because as I said, almost all the rest of what I've said yesterday was true, so your messages was really kind and really nice of you, I was really happy to see them, so thanks ! <3

As an excuse for making you all worried about me, allow me to share the TV broadcast available on Youtube of the SHOW YOUR HEART fundraising that GACKT did in Nagoya the 31th March 2011. The particularity of my video is that I've cropped the begining with the two persons who are talking, and the bit of the end.
The file size is maybe bigger than the original file, but the quality (not really good at first) haven't been affected by my manipulation, so I hope you will enjoy it, and I apologize again for all the trouble, but I really enjoyed that day for the first time in my life, really, and  with all these past days, I really needed it ! :)