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11 March 2011 @ 01:52 pm
Seriously ... about this earthquake, I'm just ... speechless ...
What's happening in this world ? I know that in Japan, earthquake are something happening really often, but not that much. I mean, it's the scariest thing I've ever saw in my life. While I was watching the news in the TV, I was thinking "It's real or not ? It's or not ... It's really real, all these houses, all these cars, all these people. We have also seen someone who was trying to escape to the big tsunami, but he was trapped ... and everything is real ...
We have all the right to live peacefully, everyone single living people have this right, and seeing so much horrible things let me think that as Humans, we are not that strong. We are strong at the Human level, but against the nature and his strenght, we are nothing excepted insects.

Sorry if this entry is a mess, I'm just shocked. So, everyone who are in Japan and around, like Micchan, Rei, Dyan, Amaia, Ren Jeanette, Sabrina, Belle and her mother, and everyone I have forgot.
If everyone can leave a little message for saying he/she is alright, I would be at least relieved that my friends are okay !


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