March 4th, 2011

~ GACKT in Toronto #1 ~

[DVDrip] Arthur and the Minimoys 2 (Maltazar scene) -Japanese GACKT voice- ~HQ~ + Hard Rock Mag N°33

Hello everyone ! ^_^
Right now, I will go in hiatus for the whole week-end, it's been a while since the last time, I'm going to see my girlfriend. But before that moment, I want to share something I wanted to share since a long moment ago. This video is the Maltazard cut from the second movie of Arthur & The Minimoys, in japanese version. And by japanese version, it means that it's GACKT himself who have dub this character, and his voice is truly awesome ! :)

This is a cut made by myself, but from the original compressed DVD of mrsmisser who was kind enough to share it. I've included with the cut the english subs available on the DVD itself for a better experience of the video ! ^__^

So if you repost this somewhere, please credit me for the Maltazard cut, thank you ! ^_^

And an another information, please, check the LJ cut, it's about a GACKT interview in a magazine ...

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