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Hello minna-san ! :)
Today, when I woke up, I just saw something that everyone might have already seen, but anyway, I will just upload it in HQ, I can't resist. This video is coming from GACKT.com and show us some parts of the upcoming YFC Europe Tour DVD. In this DVD, you will see bactsage videos of each countries he visited, and also with some parts of live performances all around the DVD. Well, it will show every countries, because I've spotted the part where he's in France ! ^_^

First, the sound of the short part of Mind Forest in English is not that better than the Bochum live, and more than that, I hope that the CD of the europe tour will not have this sound. Secondly, my thumb if from the france part, I can stop the Alhambra and how the outside was by looking at the bus window ! ^_~

By the way, the 25th February date is the deadline date for the orders for the fanclub members or the release date of the fanclub version ???

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I recorded the whooole show of the recent Nico Nico Douga, with a really nice quality ! ^__^
So I will post the show soon as I can, for now, a nice screencap of the show ! ;)

Well, for those who are wondering, no, I wasn't kicked at all from the show. But I admit that I used a trick for that, but it's my secret, hahaha ! :P

Stay tuned everyone ! ^__^
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